In the beginning

It was a love of numbers and desire to drive positive change that led founding Principal, Tony Chiu to commence his journey in the financial world.

Today, Benton is a boutique financial planning company helping clients live their dreams and our philosophy is simple: Great Advice. Great Life.

We love sharing our passions for success with people who are committed to investing in themselves and we are known for our ability to deliver highly personalised solutions giving our clients security and peace of mind that accompanies great advice so that they can get on with the business of living a great life.

Your Advantage

We’re all about positive action and improvement.

Our aim is not only to consolidate your financial footprint now, but to guide your ability and agility for continual growth through each life stage and importantly, beyond retirement.

Benton was founded with the belief that our purpose is to help people strive for a better tomorrow by taking strategic action to achieve goals today.

Highly personalised solutions deliver realistic results.

This belief is also represented through our affiliation with B1G1, a business driven initiative helping people around the world who also dream of a brighter future.

Our Expertise

More than just great advice, out Lifestyle Action Plan delivers clarity, confidence and security at each life stage.

We’ve got more than enough knowledge, experience and degrees to last a life time. But the absolute best advice we can give anyone is this – Life Rewards Action.

Financial Planning is not a set of forgot plan. Benefits today may quickly fade away if not reviewed and renewed regularly. Our Life Style Action Plan delivers consistent and strategic advice at every life stage and importantly, rewards consistency with clarity, confidence and security.

Our Financial Hub Philosophy

Financial planning is not the only aspect of creating and fulfilling a successful financial plan. Complimentary services such as accounting, bookkeeping and mortgage broking all play important roles in our lives, so it makes sense to give clients access to all these services and more through the creation of a financial hub.

Having a financial hub means clients can visit one location for a multitude of services, and also have easy access to other specialist services including Business and Legal Advice, Wills, Testamentary and Family Trusts, Business Succession Planning and much, much more.