How We Can Help

How We Can Help

Financial planning is about so much more than just money and getting started is easy – More than 98% of our new clients are referred by someone they trust. Your ideas and goals are unique to you and our clients benefit from being part of a professional team working together for common goals, sharing passions for success  and having a higher goal in life recognising the value of strategic relationships.

Discovery Discussion

Introduced in 2012, Discovery Discussions are designed to meet the specific needs of new clients as well as those who have been away from the Financial Planning table for a while.

45 minutes can change your life:

Discover : Financial Planning driving successful portfolio management

Explore  : Creating and Building your portfolio, protecting your life and enhancing your lifestyle

Learn     : How building relationships of value will add real value to your financial goals

Each meeting is usually 45 minutes and will centre on the reasons for you seeking advice and how we can help, concluding with an outline of realistic goals, including a focus on individual needs and always with balance in mind.

Our main focus at these meetings is to find out what’s driving your desire for improvement – your reasons for seeking advice may include growing your investment wealth, protecting yourself and your loved ones, starting a SMSF or planning an active retirement. Our purpose is to help you achieve these goals, and more.

100% of the nominal fee we ask for this first meeting is donated through our Charity partner B1G1. 100.00 may seem small by comparison, but has the power to dramatically change lives.

Discovery Discussion fees are used to help Kenyan families become self-sufficient by providing goats for nutritious milk and even income from breeding. Goats may seem like an odd choice but goats, more than any other heard animal will tolerate harsh conditions, and if you’ve ever owned a goat you know that they will eat just about anything and still thrive.

In addition to goats, clean water projects for remote communities also benefit. The health benefits from clean water are immeasurable in helping to curbing water-borne diseases that keep both children and adults ill for most of their lives, contributing to juvenile malnutrition and limiting an individual’s ability to work and earn an income. Restoring the balance and improving our own circumstances is an honourable goal, especially when those around us benefit too.

Welcome Aboard

An engagement letter outlining the scope and terms of our arrangement is just the beginning.

New clients are often excited about the possibilities that lay ahead and many start to expand their original ideas looking further into one or more specific strategies or opening up their investment horizons to include assets in different markets.

Our goal is to help you remain focused while exploring any new options and prioritising goals. Our commitment to our clients is to spend as much time as needed to develop a strategy that addresses immediate and future financial requirements.

Comprehensive strategies incorporate every aspect of your life and work to safeguard your efforts in challenging times.

The most important factor in any strategic plan is achievability and the long-term success of any great plan comes down to the quality of advice derived from a genuine and detailed understanding of each client’s specific financial blueprint.

Our Fees are Simple

Above all, our Advice and Pricing Model is simple: no time sheets, no charging by 15-minute increments and definitely no “let’s just get started and see how the costs work out”.

We believe that the basis for remuneration should be agreed to in advance and know from years of experience that the relationship between an adviser and client rises above all other considerations.

We endeavour to keep our fees as simple and transparent as possible with absolutely no time sheets (not even if you twist our arm!). Paying by the hour is the most expensive way to engage our services.

Our fees are reviewed regularly to ensure they remain competitive and cover all the important things our clients like to have.

Lifestyle Action Plan

Ongoing planning and reviews are the key to reaching your long-term goals, and given your circumstances will undoubtedly change over time, it is important we regularly get together to evaluate where you are heading and how you are progressing.

Our Lifestyle Action Plan consistent & strategic advice at every life stage & importantly, rewards consistency with clarity, confidence and security.



Every time you do business with us we sponsor tomorrow’s leaders providing nutrition, education and support because we believe planning a successful future starts today.

Whether it’s buying school books, seeds for food, a solar lamp so homework can be done after dark or even a worm farm supporting biodynamic and clean garden culture, every day in a small but important way, we are helping our clients achieve their dreams and supporting the dreams of disadvantaged children around the world.

Ongoing Portfolio Reviews

It’s a simple idea that can easily be overtaken with life’s demands, but reviewing your portfolio regularly is essential to its long-term survival.

Financial Planning is not a set and forget strategy. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, dreaming of a brighter future is something we all share….there’s a lot of living to be done before and after retirement and we are always here to help.