2016.05.04 Part 1WHAT ARE THE CHANGES_Centrelink Asset Test Changes shutterstock_177587822 Jasmine Pattinson24 May 2016Benton Insights  

Part 1: Changes to Centrelink’s Assets Test

Part 1: What are the changes? by Tony Chiu From 01 January 2017, changes to the way in which Centrelink calculates eligibility for Age Pension benefits will change.  With some recipients grappling to understand how the system works, most just want to know if they will be affected and if there is anything that can […]

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BAM blog pic for 2016 budget review shutterstock_290605349 Jasmine Pattinson11 May 2016Benton Insights  

2016 Budget Review

by Tony Chiu Super – Tax –  Retirement – Aged Care – Health & Medical: Working with the changes and understanding potentials is the key to any change of the financial goal posts and our 2016 budget is no different. While the passage of legislation is required before any of the announcements can be implemented, let’s […]

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OC Benton Asset Management - Web Res-017 Jasmine Pattinson16 November 2015Benton Insights  

Farewell Andy Lam

It was  just over 8 years ago,  that a young man called Andy Lam came to work with Benton….and throughout the years he has kept us entertained, been a favourite with our international clients and a mentor to many of our younger employees…so  we’d just like to say THANKS, good bye and good luck.  

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shutterstock_80453707 Jasmine Pattinson29 September 2015Benton Insights  

“Hands off our franked dividends”

This may well become a popular sentiment with hints the government may target dividend imputation…or abolish it! Dividends make up about two-thirds of share returns and shareholders are given a franking credit (from listed companies) to offset against personal income tax. Removing or changing dividend imputation will provide a short-term revenue fix, but will likely […]

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Ngasha Photo Jasmine Pattinson25 September 2015Benton Insights  

What does an Elephant have to do with Financial Planning?

The answer is simple: it’s making money work for good. Introducing NGASHA… While in Kenya recently, a visit to the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphan Nursery revealed an organisation at the pinnacle of elephant preservation with a reintroduction program second to none. It was amazing to learn that adolescent elephants (having grown up in the Nursery) […]

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2015.07_ Buying Property with SMSF_shutterstock_268202531 Jasmine Pattinson21 July 2015Benton Insights  


How do you inject some joy into aging? For SOME , the answer is self-managed super funds. As of the first of this year (2015), Australians had put $520.5 billion worth of assets into these increasingly popular investment options. That’s a hefty chunk of the $1.7 trillion collectively in superannuation funds with SMSF Trustees numbering […]

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2015.06. Be Sure...Insure Picture shutterstock_151928681 Jasmine Pattinson30 June 2015Benton Insights  

Be Sure: Insure!

Have you ever thought of how you would pay your bills and continue to save, when illness or injury keeps you from working? Your greatest asset is your ability to earn an income, yet only 31% of Australians have insured their ability to earn an income, while around 83% of Australians have insurance for their […]

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BLOG_ Super's Brinign Forward Rule explained shutterstock_241618903_750MB Jasmine Pattinson29 May 2015Benton Insights  


Will you benefit from the Super “Bring Forward” rule? If you are eyeing retirement or have retired early and are looking to boost your superannuation savings, the Super “Bring Forward” rule may be just the ticket you need. While this rule is open and available to anyone eligible to contribute to super, this practice is […]

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April2015_It Pays to Pat attention to your Super_shutterstock_151096694 Jasmine Pattinson30 April 2015Benton Insights  


We really like this analysis by The Finance Quarter’s Andrew Robertson Published on ABC news and Updated 29 Apr 2015, 2:20pm it really does shine a light on the basic truth that the cheapest fund is not always the best….this article is really good, so much so that we’ve decided to post it here in […]

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Blog Pic Eeny Meeny Miny Moe March 2015 Jasmine Pattinson27 March 2015Benton Insights  


Not everybody needs a financial adviser and not all advisers suit every person looking for one. The choice is more than the “best” or the “cheapest”; it’s personal and partnering with the right planner, whether they be a small operator, medium sized team or large corporate can make a big difference. Here’s our top 5: […]

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